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Now you can utilize real-world data in sims and on the road, in the sky

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Historical & real-time data sourced from cities & the environment

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Giving life to quantitative analysis & financial services forecasts

Meet Terbine, the first global Exchange for physical-world data.

The data being generated by the Internet of Things is quickly becoming so vast that it’s almost impossible to index. So we’re indexing it (we live for big, tough challenges). And that means dealing with a vast number of key issues that concern corporations, governmental agencies and educational institutions alike, including ownership rights, licensing, compliance, contextual understanding, provenance, border-crossing of data and much more. Visit for more information.

Terbine Is Now The World's Largest System Of IoT Data Feeds

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Terbine continually adds IoT data feeds generated by public agencies, universities, and corporations around the world. Type in a search term such as traffic or water to see what’s available currently.

How Terbine Works

Terbine makes IoT data discoverable by creating rich metadata that fully describes sources. Indexes are built on top of the metadata which can be accessed by machines, processes or people.

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Terbine is designed for use by enterprises including companies, government agencies, and academic institutions. It’s easy to apply on behalf of your organization, start by clicking below.


Sensor data from infrastructure can be integrated with simulations to provide real-world condition information. Terbine has data feeds that include vehicle and pedestrian counts, traffic light violations, electricity availability, public transportation, micro-weather and many others. And with more being added daily, the system can be your one-stop-shop for data emanating from the environments that test vehicles are passing through, whether actual or in sims.


Having the literal information about what’s happened in a given part of the world, what the military called “ground truth” can be highly informative to risk assessment in commercial domains. Terbine has data feeds from all 50 states and over 50 countries, sensor information sourced from townships, cities, counties, states and their counterparts in many parts of the world. Enhance situational awareness with the first globally indexed system of sensor data coming from the physical world.


Terbine now offers the world’s largest suite of alternative data feeds extracted from public agencies of all types throughout the globe. Instead of having to create hundreds of access accounts with individual agencies, it’s all available through a single login. You can pull data directly into analytics software via the Terbine API, or using leading packages such as Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI. Physical-world data can be utilized as proxies for regional or international commerce, to determine the health of countries and many other real-world insights to give you the edge.

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Below are “tiles” based on highly descriptive metadata generated by Terbine when data sources are brought into the system. Just click on the Name within any of the tiles and you’ll see rich metadata pop up. A metadata instance can correlate to any number of machines/sensors that generate IoT data having identical characteristics, which can be continuous/streaming or archival datafiles. Try searching below and when you’re ready to access feeds of interest, create a free account here.

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